Series Hybrid Vehicle: Boon or Bane?

Hybrid Vehicle

With the advent of the latest motor technology, we have witnessed a shift from diesel vehicles to electric vehicles. Electric vehicles rule the motor industry for their abundant benefit to the environment and the people operating them. But the latest hybrid vehicles are something that combines all the requirements of the drivers. These vehicles are assisted by an internal combustion engine along with one electric motor.

Hybrid vehicles don’t require charging batteries as they are self-charged using regenerative braking in their internal engine. These hybrid vehicles are divided into two types based on propulsion: Hydrogen Power Cell and Internal Combustion Engine. They are also divided into further types based on the connections. Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle is one of the types that is catching all the attention of the drivers. In this article, we will uncover whether they are a bane or boon for drivers!

What is a Series Hybrid Vehicle?

A series hybrid vehicle, as the name suggests, is a hybrid vehicle that has a drive train configuration in its internal construction. Such a vehicle uses an electric motor to drive the wheels but also has a small gasoline or diesel engine that powers a generator to recharge the battery pack.

In a series hybrid, the wheels are always driven by the electric motor powered by the battery pack. These vehicles can be driven to extended distances on their electric power solely. They also showcase the flexibility to use gasoline or diesel engine when they need to generate more electricity for the battery. Series Hybrid Vehicles proved beneficial for some while being criticised by some. Below are some merits and demerits revealing the same.

Merits of Series Hybrid Vehicle

  • The Series Hybrid Vehicle is simpler to operate. They exhibit no complexity in operation and connection.
  • These vehicles do not require a clutch, converters or a multi speed transmission system, as the electric motor self-drives the gear for movement.
  • It is an all-electric vehicle that operates on a battery source.
  • Series Hybrid Vehicles are eco-friendly for the environment reducing minimal to no gas emissions.

Demerits of Series Hybrid Vehicle

  • The Series Hybrid Vehicle are entirely operational and dependent on the battery source.
  • These vehicles may lead to the loss of overall efficiency as energy conversion takes place at every stage of operation.
  • Such vehicles are sized in order to sustain the power requirements of these vehicles, which makes them expensive.
  • The power consumption in Series Hybrid Vehicles is high and increases the vehicle’s weight in the long run. Therefore, it reduces the vehicle’s driving range, which may be undesirable for drivers.
  • Series Hybrid Vehicle is recommended for short trips only, though they are considered suitable for long extended journeys only if you have a battery source to charge it up.

Final Words

The Series Hybrid Vehicle came as the newest invention in the series of hybrid vehicles. Using it became a boon for some users but a bane for some. It highly depends on the objectives for which you want to purchase a Series Hybrid Vehicle. With the merit and demerits stated above, one can make an informed decision while calculating their buying objectives.

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