How to Avoid Long Queues – Make Your Utility Payment Online

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In this technologically advanced world, everything has become easier, simpler, and convenient. Speedy and cost-effective fast solutions are the need of the hour, and the human race keeps up accordingly. The various electronic devices, from smartphones to laptops, tablets, etcetera, help us with our fast-paced lives. Be it availing quick direction guidelines while driving to work via the shortest and quickest routes, ordering food, grocery essentials, booking movie tickets, making wardrobe purchases, and various other necessary tasks, the solution lies in the numerous mobile applications installed in our smartphones. Even the most recurring household duties like paying the electric and phone bills, or perhaps monthly payments, can be done without waiting all day and doing it via manual labor.

One of the essential factors in our modern daily lives is electricity. No matter how advanced your technology is or how many wireless setups you have, they always need proper feed and recharging, and of course, the other devices like lights, fans, ACs, refrigerators, etcetera need electricity. Hence, paying your bill on time is necessary. Until recently, the only option to pay your dues was to stand in long queues, despite your day being filled with a busy schedule, with other responsibilities you cannot avoid. But if you failed to pay your electricity bill on time, your power would have been cut off immediately.

However, now, you can choose to pay the bill within the stipulated period from the comfort of your own home by resorting to online options of payments. All urban cities have this facility. For instance, the TNEB or Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation LTD make sure you get to avail both options. The TNEB is the State Electricity Board that regulates and operates electricity supply even in the rural villages and hamlets in the state. Like in every other Indian state, a bill is generated based on the customer’s electricity consumption, and at the end of every month, the due needs to be cleared. You are also provided with a last date of payment. Therefore, either go to the regional branch office of TNEB to make the payment or take the easier path of TNEB online payment.

Here are some advantages of online payments over offline visits:

  1. Any credible payment apps make online payment a faster, seamless experience. Take a few seconds from your busy day to get done with the payment just with a few clicks. It is way easier and simpler than the conventional method, which involves a lot of physical strain and unnecessarily consumes your time and effort. In South India, especially in Tamil Nadu, the weather is quite harsh with scorching summer heat and suffocating humidity followed by pouring rains and storms, making it difficult for transportation. The time lost in this activity can easily be invested in something productive, like meeting that quick deadline or finishing that long-due assignment that needs to be submitted the next week!
  2. The next important factor to keep in mind is the safety and security of your financial transactions. Carrying money physically, be it in cheques or demand drafts, or cash can be very risky. You can either lose it, or it can get stolen while on a crowded bus. Online payments are done through Netbanking, credit, debit, or ATM cards, or simply by the UPI pin. Hence, it is in your hands and is safe in legitimate payment apps. Your financial transactions are recorded and confirmed immediately.
  3. Online payments can be done from home and also on the go. Maybe during the short lunch hour, you get after a busy morning in the office, or perhaps during the interval time, you can do it anywhere anytime. Suddenly, if you are reminded of the last date of your electric bill payment approaching, you can instantly visit the app or the website and pay the bill instantly. For instance, Jaipur, a Jaipur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Ltd. user, can use any online payment app to complete the bill payment.
  4. Get a plethora of discounts in the form of rewards and cashback in any online payment app to experience money saving in a new way.

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