What Is The Present Situation Of Capgemini’s Unlisted Shares?


Capgemini is a global consulting, technology services and digital transformation company providing a wide range of services to businesses and organisations to enhance their operations and improve efficiency. The company is a global leader with a diverse organisation with over 360,000 team members in more than 50 countries. With decades of heritage and deep industry expertise, Capgemini has created a strong presence in the global market. The company has a huge clientele base, meeting their business needs, from strategies to designs and operations. Considering the company’s success in the evolving market, it is worth investing in Capgemini shares. If you want to invest in its shares, you must know everything about the company to make an informed decision. This blog will walk you through the previous and current performance of Capgemini unlisted shares. Let’s start with the company’s overview. 

All About Capgemini

Founded by Serge Kampfm in 1967, Capgemini is based in Paris, France. It is a multinational company aimed to provide consulting and professional services worldwide. The company engaged with various industries, including banking and capital market, manufacturing and industrial, automotive, consumer & retail, aerospace and defence, agriculture, electronics, high-tech energy and utilities, government and public sector, healthcare and life sciences, transportation and distribution. It delivers its services and products under different brands; Capgemini, Sogeti and Invent. While it has its business operational units across America, The Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, the company also has a robust presence in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Noida, Mumbai, Pure, Gururam, Kolkata, Trichy, Gandhinagar, Salem in India. 

It is now clear that Capgemini has a great market share worldwide, and its substantial growth over the years has had a notable impact on Capgemini unlisted shares. Indeed, it gives an excellent opportunity for investors looking for a high investment return. The following section will discuss the history of the Capgemini shares, and we will also shed light on the current Capgemini unlisted share price later in the blog to help potential investors for better decision-making. 

History Of Capgemini Unlisted Shares 

In the competitive IT market, Capgemini has profoundly marked its presence. Started its journey as an IT consultant, the company expanded its services to wide sectors and established its foothold in the international market. The period of growth has a significant impact on the perception of Capgemini shares. Its diversified services and products attracted potential investors and gave them a solid reason to invest in Capgemini shares. 

In recent years, Capgemini unlisted shares continued to gain investors’ attention as the company made strategic moves to align with the digital transformation wave. The technology, consultation and innovation coverage bolstered the company’s unlisted share market position. The ability to remain at the forefront of industry trends became the prominent reason for its growth in the grey market. 

As investors continue to seek opportunities in a dynamic market, the history of Capgemini unlisted shares depicts a positive future in the stock market. The next section will shed light on the present situation of Capgemini shares and the current Capgemini share price India.  

Present Situation Of Capgemini Unlisted Shares 

If you are interested in investing in the shares, you must know the current performance of Capgemini unlisted shares in the grey market. With the growth of Capgemini in the stock market, the Capgemini unlisted price is also surging. Let’s share the current year’s financial performance of Capgemini, which will help you to understand its current and future growth. 

The company recorded revenue of Rs. 21,995 crores in the FY 21-22, 21.1% more than the previous years, which was recorded at Rs. 18,160. The company saw a massive jump in its revenue in the last year, which provided a great opportunity for investors. Coming to the current financial year performance, the company reports Q1 2023 growth above 10%. 

These figures depict that Capgemini is performing well in terms of finance; therefore, investing in Capgemini unlisted shares is a win-win choice for potential investors. The current Capgemini unlisted price in India is Rs. 10,850, which will likely fluctuate depending on the company’s revenue. 

Predicted Future Of Capgemini Unlisted Shares 

As you can see, Capgemini is a growing company and spreading its business worldwide; investing in Capgemini unlisted shares can provide high returns. The future of the Capgemini unlisted shares appears promising, driven by the company’s technology innovation, global expansion and industry leadership. As the world continues to embrace digital transformation and innovation, investing in Capgemini unlisted shares seems beneficial. Investors seeking a blend of stability and growth potential may find Capgemini unlisted shares compelling to their investment portfolio. 

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