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Regardless of what a word that advertisement says to us we love men who have amazing fragrance. And personally speaking it is quite

Attractive when men are wearing some amazing perfumes that just highlights their image more than ever. And men must know this in their mind that it’s not just about attracting women towards themselves but also attracting common people because if you’re wearing some good fragrance you would have many people asking you at the same time you will be confident that you don’t have any body odors and that you are not irritating anybody with your body odor. Plus a good perfume essence is always complimentary and that could also come from your boss. You must note that the fragrance that you use will not only set a positive Image for you but also it helps in relieving stress anxiety and in rare cases may help in curing depression. 

Rose and cedarwood fragrance 

Wood flavored fragrances have always been an amazing choice for winter especially for the Christmas magic. Its woody fragrance would match up with all the holiday merry. And if you can find rose and cedarwood they’ll make a perfect combination for summers and highlight your choice as a man who knows the best fragrance for every season. Since Father’s Day is approaching soon it would be ideal to order gifts online.  This fragrance keeps you balanced throughout the day and people around you would be mesmerized by this fragrance. 


You may think that vanilla is not a fragrance for men but actually this is one of the best fragrances that you can put on and the best part is that it can be homemade all natural without any intoxicating chemicals added to it. 

Since summers are approaching, vanilla becomes our number one option to give it either as a gift or to use it personally. Also it has quite a mild fragrance that helps you regulate your mood and makes you more mellow and creates a hue of confidence as you put it on. Also if you are too picky when it comes to getting perfumes then vanilla could be your go-to perfume for any occasion.


Almost all of us love chocolate first off and the best part is that it is available in the form of perfumes almost in every store. Usually it is considered a fragrance for men but nowadays these perfume essences are available for women as well. If you are going on a date with a guy, your fiance or husband’s birthday or that of your father then you can get an online gift delivery of the chocolate fragrance essence perfume. Essence perfumes are usually naturally made products with only a few additives. In fact you can find some amazing recipes online that will help you make this chocolate sense at home and use it anytime you want. 

Citrus fragrances

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Summers are approaching and all of us are attracted to the citrus flavors of various fruits and going to the park enjoying a warm sunny day or maybe sitting in your balcony and just enjoying some good flavored lemonade. But it would be amazing to know that the same citrus that we enjoy as lemonades can also be converted into amazing perfume essences that too, naturally at home. If you are a woman giving this to your male friend, father, any male person in your life then you can also add some matching home fragrances or skincare products such as lip balms, lip scrub, feet care, etc. 

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Peppermint and vetiver 

Peppermint and vetiver complement each other very well. All you have to do is mix these thin shell oils along with the carrier oil like argan or coconut and let the magic of their fragrance begin. Of course if you are considering gifting for men make sure to add an instruction booklet because they may be confused with what you’re supposed to do.  So all you’re supposed to do is add two essential oils from peppermint and vetiver and order birthday gifts online. Add the same alongside with a spray bottle and few other skincare products to let your gift standout. 

Several other fragrances are camomile, copaiba, black pepper, and tea tree. These too can be combined alongside peppermint and vetiver. 

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